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For a woman who started small, Ms. Elsie Chua has gone a long way to becoming a recognized entrepreneur and a woman for the OFWs. An alumnus from the University of Sto. Tomas, this accounting graduate humbly started as a bank employee. Together with his husband, this businesswoman took major steps in the operations of Melewares Manufacturing Corporation, a new business enterprise known for its quality melamine products.

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reciclable The Many Faces of Elsie Chua
Success is not an overnight thing, it's a profound journey continue

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   The first licensed Filipina businesswoman in KSA

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Amidst the disparity of women in the middle east, CDC Holdings, Inc. and Quadrillion Realty Investments President  Melesa “Elsie “ Chua was still able to put up her real estate business in that part of the globe. Mrs. Chua is now distinguished as the first Filipina businesswoman more>

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